Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dead Kennedys

Last night Mr. Imo? drove into the valley from the city to see a legendary band perform on a smallish stage at an outdoor city music fest. The Dead Kennedys have been a long time favorite, as classic as the Violent Femmes or Nirvana for us, so the fact that he got to see them so long after their initial popularity was amazing. One of those bands you never expect to see play, but it thrills you to the core when the chance arises, and he got there so early he was on the rail in the front row.

He had to get back into the city after it all so he couldn't stay to meet them after the show, but he did say they would have sounded way better in our club than on that stage. We may be chasing down the agent.

SONG: " California ├╝ber alles" - Dead Kennedys

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