Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm really really back...starting September 1st

After nearly 15 months, my new club has finally grown up enough that I don't have to keep my eyes on it every second of the day. It has been truly similar to having a new-born baby. Now it can stand on its own two feet and eat people food. And although there are still a lot of temper-tantrums from teenagers stuck in 2009 (how can teenagers be so nostalgic and conservative already?) I'm ready to get back to writing. For a while some of it will be repeats posted on my club's blog, but I will do a better job sharing bands that come thru I think are worth sharing.

So, to start I am going to share my new favorite band, which I magically convinced to come from Brooklyn on their way to Burning Man to play tomorrow night. I found them by accident and fell instantly in love with their techno-Yeah Yeah Yeahs style. Can't wait to meet them tomorrow night.

Here is my current favorite Barbarella inspired video by Dynasty Electric.

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