Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aliens? We are the Aliens

Today feels like a good day for aliens. Probably because I pulled out our anonymous black duffle bag that I added an alien patch to about 10 years ago because I hated not being able to identify my boring black bag going around in circles at the
airport. I have never seen another in all my travels, so I can always find that bag.

So today, feel free to embrace your love or fear or indifference to alien life forms, UFOs, spacetravel wishes, and all things extra-terrestrial, and have a freaky day.

HALLOWEEN SONG 1: "Aliens? We are the Aliens" - Captain Sensible (of the Damned)
(I can't find any links, but I know it's on Napster)

HALLOWEEN SONG 2: "Music to Watch Space Girls By" - Leonard Nemoy

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