Friday, October 8, 2010

evil town

Sorry I missed yesterday. I was dragged away from an epic battle with my PC, which was attacked by nasty pack of computer goblins and carried away to the land of The Mothman.

My husband has taken a break from his International Man of Mystery lifestyle and is playing Bear Grylls in the woods. I spent the day playing roadie and tackled some of the most heinously treacherous roads in America.

Nevertheless, at this moment I am writing from a smokey, dirty pit of a motel in West Virginia. I hate motels. They scare me. Something about them always makes me feel like someone is going to break in and I will die a violent, bloody death.

So today's songs are inspired by my weird paranoia, and the frenzy of The Mothman.

HALLOWEEN SONG 1: "Evil Town" - The Vines

HALLOWEEN SONG 2: "Everyone Says I'm Paranoid" - Apartment (currently one of my favorite songs)

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