Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Werewolves are Here

Chicago band, The Doleful Lions, put out a project that is worth picking up if you are into Halloween or B-movies. Song Cyclopses is a two volume B-movie soundtrack without a movie, but gives homage to many B-movies, some of which you may recognize by reference. Songs include "Spacecraft Marooned in Gorillaworld", "Contact Beyond the Mirror Room", "The Red Top Lounge Flesh-eaters", "A Cyclopean (interlude)", "Astro Zombies", & "Eskimo Wizards". None of it sounds nearly as bizarre as the titles may suggest, but I love that contrast between weird lyrics and fairly tame music (like The Beautiful South). About half of The Doleful Lions songs sound like the Silversun Pickups, just with a little less fervor. (If you check out their myspace page, I just discovered that they do a cover of "Girlfriend in a Coma" that I can add to my Smiths covers list.)

I decided to throw in a 3rd song today since I don't have many werewolf songs, and The Mighty Atomics song was just released in 2010 so it has yet to grace one of my previous Halloween lists. Plus its surfer/ rockabilly sound just went well with the Rockin' Barracudas.

(My apologies that none of today's songs are easy to find or in my "playlist")

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