Wednesday, October 27, 2010


If there is any one "character" of Halloween that is in the slightest bit deserving of being the "face" of Halloween, I would have to say it is the ghost. Both the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian All Saints Day, upon which Hallowe'en is based are both primarily founded upon the belief that there is a time set aside when the spirit world is allowed to pass with ease through our temporal world. I know there are people who hunt for ghosts, and claim to have seen ghosts, and quite frankly I am not at all interested in sharing their experience. That stuff creeps me out.

I just discovered this band, The National, who has been around for a decade without my knowledge, like two days ago, and found out I missed seeing them play in my city by 3 weeks. What a ghastly feeling.

HALLOWEEN SONG 1: "Anyone's Ghost" - The National


HALLOWEEN SONG 2: "Little Ghost" - The White Stripes


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