Saturday, October 23, 2010

personality crisis - get it while its hot

One of the fun things about Halloween is the ability to transform into something beyond your normal self. I worked in costuming for about 5 years, and during Halloween, the shop where I worked became more useful than a psychiatrist’s office in determining the underlying issues people have. While most women wanted to be a “sexy” something or other (usually inappropriately and unsuccessfully), and guys wanted to be either a violent character or a pimp, on occasion there were people who would surprise you with an actual persona that they wanted to try out. They were methodical in their creation of their fantasy self and even more interesting was meeting up with them again upon returning the costume, as they always had a story to tell and often lingered to buy something character related as a keepsake, incorporating a little bit of their fantasy life into their reality, peeling back a bit of the mask.

HALLOWEEN SONG 1:“Mask” – Bauhaus

HALLOWEEN SONG 2: “Faces in Disguise” – Sunny Day Real Estate

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