Monday, November 8, 2010

hey man

We were driving around with the kids in the car this weekend, and whatever had been on NPR was either uninteresting or not kid friendly, so we made the rare move and rolled the dial to the only radio station in the area that sometimes plays decent stuff. After a few minutes one of Mr. IMo?s all-time top 5 favorite songs came on. He refers to it as "pizza driving music" from back in the day where he spent a whole lot of time driving pizzas and listening to tunes. Out of habit he went to turn up the volume, but a second before his hand hit the dial Katydid asked "Who sings this song? I really, really like it."
Yes my friends, I think the music education is going quite well in this family.

Filter has a new album out and they are touring NOW. Sadly, they skipped over us, but they may be headed your way soon.

This really is one of the most amazing songs, ever.


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