Thursday, November 4, 2010

one of the worst soundtracks ever

I was scooting around Hulu yesterday trying to find something new to entertain Yaz and Macaroni, and keep them from tearing off each other's limbs. We are a TV free family during the school year, but sometimes that just doesn't work out in my advantage and I have to take desperate measures.

So what amazing things did I find, you ask. Only the animated version of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Seasons 1 and 2. I had no idea su
ch a show existed. (And yes, they have the original cast of voices.) It didn't do anything to dampen the fury brewing between my monsters, but Katydid may just have a new favorite cartoon.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was the first movie I ever went to without adult supervision. A friend and I were deemed finally old enough to go out on our own (though I now wonder if it wasn't just a concession because none of our parents could stomach the thought of sitting through it - Fred: The Movie gives me the same feeling).

It is still one of my all time favorite movies, ridiculous as it may be. Mr. IMo? and I quote it almost as much as Encino Man. The movie came out just when I was becoming musically aware, and it sort of inspired me to let music take over a large part of my life.

That said, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure arguably has the worst soundtrack of any music focused movie I have ever seen. When you listen to that junk it is no wonder grunge was such a breath of fresh (though angst ridden) air.

I tracked down the soundtrack list (below). For a movie that so often lauds Van Halen, not even they bother to throw the soundtrack a bone.

1. Play With Me - Extreme
2. The Boys And Girls Are Doing It - Vital Signs
3. Not So Far Away - Glen Burtnick
4. Dancing With A Gypsy - Tora Tora
5. Father Time - Shark Island
6. I Can't Break Away - Big Pig
7. Dangerous - Shark Island
8. Walk Away - Bricklin
9. In Time - Robbie Robb

10. Two Heads Are Better Than One - Power Tool

HOWEVER, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey does a better job on the music though the movie is lame. I love how you can see the change in musical styles already in motion by the time of the sequel.

Not only did they get much bigger names, Kiss, Megadeath, and even Winger (nasty), more importantly is the addition of Primus and Faith No More.

Shout It Out- Slaughter

Battle Stations- Winger

God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You II- KISS

Drinking Again - Neverland

Dream of a New Day - Richie Kotzen

The Reaper - Stevie Vai

Go to Hell - Megadeath

Tommy the Cat- Primus

Junior's Gone Wild- King's X

Showdown - Love on Ice

The Reaper Rap - Stevie Vai

So today I have a challenge for you readers.

What is the WORST movie
soundtrack of a music- centered movie?

Song of the Day: "Tommy the Cat" - Primus


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