Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ten songs of thanks: a thanksgiving playlist

No these are not spiritual or religious, and only a few are even slightly political, but rather a compilation of "Thank You" songs that cover a very broad musical spectrum. I am saving my favorite for Thanksgiving Day.

So gobble, gobble, travel safely, and what-not. We are staying home and keeping up our tradition of having Thanksgiving with neighbors who are practically strangers, the way Thanksgiving was meant to be celebrated. And I absolutely will not buy a single "Black Friday" sale item.

TEN SONGS OF THANKS: a thanksgiving playlist

1: "Say My Thanks" - 7 Seconds

(as close to Punk gratitude as you're gonna get. you may need to scroll down, it's song #6)

2: "Thanks For the Night" - The Damned

(not my favorite tune by The Damned but it suits)

3: "I Thank You" - ZZ Top

(the bearded dudes won't grace this blog often, but this is a fairly groovy tune)

4: "Thanksgiving" - Poi Dog Pondering

(reminds me of my car dying 40 miles from nowhere-ville, and hitching a ride)

5: "Thanks for Not Showing Up" - The Cute Leppers

(currently love the cute leppers)

6: "Thank You" - The Pipettes

(these girls are so cute, scroll to song # 3)

7: "Thank You for the Music" - ABBA

(a very spot on reason to be thankful)

8: "Thank You For Hearing Me" - Sinéad O' Conner

(thank you for reading my blog)

9: "Thanks for the Memory" - Sarah Vaughan

(LOVE Sarah)

10: "I Want to Thank You" - Otis Redding

(pull this one out for the parents/ grandparents as a conversation starter/changer that has nothing to do with you, your flaws, or the fact that you dropped out of school/lost your job/why you are too fat/ too thin, are still not married or have a kid, etc. you know what I mean. scroll to song # 8)

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