Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Oh, I like your poetry, but I hate your poems"

I have been humming again.

This time it is an old tune by the late 1980s Scottish band The Trash Can Sinatras. Their 1990 track "Obscurity Knocks" has always stuck with me. I am not up on my Scottish music scene, but here is a quick band list of great stuff that has come out of Scotland: The Trash Can Sinatras, Aztec Camera, Orange Juice,Glasvegas, Franz Ferdinand, Travis, The Soup Dragons, Jesus and Mary Chain, KT Tunstall, The Fratellis.

I have found a great blog on Scottish bands called 17 Seconds that can help you get more acquainted with what's new in Scottish music. As the above list shows, there is some fine stuff to be had beyond Hadrian's Wall.

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