Wednesday, December 1, 2010

another rock'n'roll christmas playlist

Alright everybody. I now pronounce it Christmastime!

I am just stingy enough that I require the month of December to begin, none of that pre-Halloween business that I have been seeing in the shops.

Due to very different opinions from the peanut gallery I have decided to go with the combo-pack and will pretty much chose either 1,2 or 3 songs per day. Some songs will be old, some new, with a bit of punk, ska, brit-pop, glam rock, alt-rock and synth-pop and at least twice they won't be in English. How's that for a preview?

So, here's to another rock'n'roll Christmas.



ps. i don't usually promote things other than music, but i am really liking the Christmas cards at Ophelia's Art. today's art is one of ophelia's.

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