Tuesday, December 28, 2010

we used to vacation

Got back late last night from Chi-town. Yesterday was the working part of the vacation where I had to clean the apartment and meet the new tenant so I could make it a tax deductible Christmas Vacation (hooray for tax write-offs).
Now my vacation is done and I am in full blown
mommy mode until school starts back up next week.

On the ride home after the little rockers nodded off I hooked up Pandora and let Mr. IMo? choose the station. While he usually chooses The Pixies for late night drives, he switched things up and went for The White Stripes. He sort of has a man-crush on Jack White. What made me really excited was that his ears perked up when Cold War Kids came on. I had heard them off and on like a whisper over the past few years but they feature heavily on the Foxy Shazam station from Pandora, and I have really gotten into them this year.

It's unnerving to me how through technology Mr. IMo? and I don't really even listen to the same music, much less at the same time, unless we are on a road trip together or at a concert. Around town we listen to NPR or drive separate cars. So, I have come up with my first new resolution for the next year: I resolve to become more musically "in tune" with Mr. IMo? and make sure we are on the "same wavelength". (Sorry, I couldn't resist the puns). He doesn't read my blog; he lets me keep this as my own private yet public little outlet, but maybe I can hijack his MP3 player more often.

I have a personal fondness for the use of pianos/keyboards in bands and I am ecstatic to hear it start working its way back into non-synthpop music like Cold War Kids and Foxy Shazam. It is fascinating to hear the versatility of the instrument. Pianos are often seen as primarily for classical music or jazz or wimpy "adult soft rock", but when you hear it in a piece like this, you really understand the timelessness of the piano and wonder why it isn't used more often in modern rock music.


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