Thursday, December 9, 2010

have yourself a distopian little christmas

Some really great Christmas songs are all about the disappointment that is closely entwined with holidays.

I am naturally suspicious of traditional holidays. Until I had Katydid, I never really saw the point. I just don't get all that excited about them. I am still reluctant, but since I don't want to be the "uptight mom on Miracle on 34th Street who is so caught up in her distaste for fairy tales that she can't even be excited about the hot lawyer who's in love with her", I have learned to put on a good face for the kids. I have some decorations and I take them to all the related activities, but that distance between me and the excitement for any given holiday never really closes.

Which I why I appreciate a good distopian point of view. Like the Grinch. So, today is a medley of Christmas songs for the suspicious, depressed, lonely, dysfunctional and all-round unhappy lot.

If you believe in Santa Claus these songs are not age appropriate.


(these girls are so punk rock, we'll have to visit them again soon after Christmas)

"Christmas Wrapping" - either The Waitresses or The Donnas - hard choice.

Art again by the cool stuff at Ophelia's Art.

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