Friday, December 10, 2010

"father christmas, give us some money; don't mess around with those silly toys"

One of the best things about The Kinks, is their storytelling. They don't mess around with half-baked lyrics that are disconnected and could have been written by a drunk monkey with a typewriter. In the same 4/4 time signature many rock musicians can only manage disjointed phrases or elementary rhymes, The Kinks weave tales of everyday life without sounding folksy.

I have always been more drawn to The Kinks rather than their more famous contemporaries (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who). They are weirder (and for me) more relate-able than the fresh-faced Beatles or the untouchable Stones.

"Father Christmas" could have been added to yesterday's distopian Christmas post, based on point of view, but it so darn infused with holiday jolliness I think it should stand on its own.
In my opinion, this is a top 5 Christmas track.

"Father Christmas" - The Kinks

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