Wednesday, July 14, 2010

feelin' foxy

You know, there is nothing quite like seeing a band live.

It's like a testing ground, like dating. Some bands you like to flirt with from a distance before that big day when you finally go out with them in person. Occasionally those first shows crash and burn like a real first date but others just get better every time you go out. True band love.

Yesterday was my second date with Foxy Shazam. The first date was spectacular, at night, full length show, plugged in and wild. One of those stars in your eyes, fireworks kind of dates. Yesterday was quieter, unplugged, less formal, I even brought the kids along. Since I first met Foxy online a few months ago I would stray but every time they popped back up on my play list it was like a new little love-letter and I fell head over heels again. Today I am finally willing to make a public declaration of love.

And like any guy on the prowl will tell you, the best way to a mom's heart is through her kids. What really won me over was how excited they were to see my kids there in the front row dancing along, and to top it all off they plucked a bad word right from the song just to make it kid-friendly. So it's mutual.

I have tried and tried to load my video but it is conspiring against me. I will keep plugging away. In the mean is the official video of the song I want to share featuring his own son Julian.

Song of the day: "Oh Lord" - Foxy Shazam (NOT THE PG version)

P.S. I totally have my first groupie crush since 1997 when I was in love with the lead singer of Sweet Water (, well besides my long-standing adoration of the indescribably beautiful Lenny Kravitz, the only man I would leave my husband for. Sky is my new favorite. Not only was he super-cool to hang out with my kids and take pictures but he has this constant goofy grin and is man enough to know that skinny jeans aren't for everyone.


Me with my band crush back in May:

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