Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in the audience

Today I am breaking one of the major mommy rules in this house. That's the beauty of being in charge. I am always telling my monsters "First we have to work, then we get to play". We have turned it into a little tribal chant that brainwashes them into picking up the plastic animals and wooden blocks they leave scattered underfoot as soon as I begin the ditty. It's pretty relaxed around here but someone has to get things done.

Which brings me to my point. Today we are ditching out on the rest of the post-vacation mess of jumbled papers spread across the kitchen counter, all those foreboding red suitcases I have yet to unpack and can I just say it looks like the wreck of the Hesperus in the playroom. We are going on an adventure this afternoon, because I said so.

They advertised, we are buying. So whether they planned for it or not, 3 underage monsters and I are headed down to St. Louis's Delmar Loop for Foxy Shazam's performance at Vintage Vinyl. We will be in the audience.



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