Thursday, February 3, 2011

the beautiful ones

Speaking of beautiful, I was in the mood for a bit of Brett Anderson's seductive voice. I say this every time but he is just so scrumptious. Somehow, Suede has only been mentioned in passing and not gotten a post of its own. Shameful on my part, honestly, how did this happen?

I can remember exactly how I discovered Suede. I had a boyfriend who live like 25 miles from my house so we would sometimes meet halfway in a tiny little town, which had a downtown exactly 1 block long with shops on each side of the street, but nothing behind or around the corners. I would go there for the used book store, the antique store (where years later I bought my 1950's vintage wedding dress for $100) and their library. For some reason their music section was 20 times better than the one where I lived. It was completely worth the drive round-trip. Suede was one of the bands I discovered in the CD collection.

Since then there has been a portion of my heart devoted to Brett Anderson. There is something goose-pimply about his voice that shivers through my spine every time. I sometimes can't even remember if my love of Elastica truly began with the music or my jealousy of Justine Frischmann getting to be his girlfriend.

Anyhow, enough strolling down memory lane circa 1993.
"The Beautiful Ones" - Suede

and a more professional performance on Jools Holland (1993).
"So Young" - Suede

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