Monday, February 14, 2011

tapes for tuesday: a series part 7

Vena Cava - Dirt Fishermen

So I pulled out an old Boise favorite for today's album of the day, and when I went in search of a bit of youtube footage I found the video below that is my friend Dave's footage from a reunion show earlier this year. It's not really surprising that I would know the person that uploaded Dirt Fishermen, and I am pretty sure we saw the show together a bunch of times.

Like Built to Spill and Graveltruck, Dirt Fishermen was an ever present favorite in Boise. They signed to C/Z Records out of Seattle, home to bands like 7 Year Bitch, Built to Spill, Love Battery, The Gits and Treepeople. The group disbanded in 1994, but did play that recent show.
You can find their music still online at The Record Exchange. As of this morning they had the album Glenn's Car on CD and Amazon has a bunch of copies of Vena Cava from as little as 1 penny.

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