Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh Mid-West, how ready I am to leave you behind.

Last night despite being exhausted I just couldn't fall asleep. My fingers were all tingly and I felt on edge. And then just as I had finally settled in and thought I may be on the verge of sleep, the sirens began. First in the distance, probably in the next town over, then a police car, and then the neighborhood alarm went off. First it said "Severe Storm Warning", which is fine if you are already in bed, but then maybe 15 seconds later it changed its mind and sounded "Tornado Alert, Seek Shelter Immediately." Well, in our house with large windows in every room, that means we head to the utility closet, so we scooped up 3 sleeping kids, pillows blankets and all, then in the dark had an impromptu slumber party all piled on top of each other. Luckily that's the room where I store the work-out pads and yoga mats so we had some padding and the boys slept through it all. Anyhow, it made for a mess of a night.

Tornado: 1, Me: zilch. I always bow down to Mother Nature, as she is an unrelenting foe. Here's to you, my tornado rival of the night.

(P.S. The Ravonettes announced in their facebook page that have a new video that should be out today or tomorrow for their single "Recharge and Revolt" so keep an eye out for that too)

"My Tornado" - The Ravonettes

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