Tuesday, September 7, 2010

always on my mind

I always thought that this song was originally by Elvis, but I just found out that it was actually covered by Elvis in the 1970's, and originally performed by Brenda Lee. As I read about Lee I was suprised to find she sang a lot of songs that I knew, but didn't know whose songs they were.

I also knew that Willie Nelson sang this song, because as a kid there weren't many records in the house, but Willie and his braids took up a good chunk of the small pile.

My favorite however has always been the Pet Shop Boys cover for their 1988 album Introspective.
Thinking of Him, 1963

by Roy Lichtenstein


"Always On My Mind" - Elvis Presley

"Always On My Mind" - Willie Nelson

"Always On My Mind" - Iron and Wine

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