Wednesday, September 15, 2010

enjoy the silence

Last year Katydid and I read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery together. If you have never read it, I highly recommend picking it up. It's a short story, and although written as a children's book, as is the case in most good children's literature, it is a much deeper allegory than it may initially appear. Anyhow, soon after we read the book, we were talking about our favorite songs and watching a few videos, and one that I pulled up was "Enjoy the Silence". She immediately saw the storyline of The Little Prince in the video, from the cape and crown, to the rose, the baobab tree, the mountain, and his solitary wanderings. I had read the book in three different languages and watched that video countless times, but I had never seen the connection. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes. So, for your listening and viewing pleasure, click on the link below, and watch Dave Gahan as The Little Prince, in the video for one of my all-time favorite songs,"Enjoy the Silence".

SONG OF THE DAY: "Enjoy the Silence"- Depeche Mode

HIGHLIGHTED COVER: "Enjoy the Silence" - Tori Amos


"Enjoy the Silence" - Failure (off the various artists for the masses compilation I mentioned here a few weeks ago)

"Enjoy the Silence" - Nada Surf

"Enjoy the Silence" - Lacuna Coil

"Enjoy the Silence" - Anberlin

Yes, I know there are covers by Keane and Breaking Benjamin, but I don't like them, so they don't get
my approval.

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