Wednesday, September 8, 2010

burning down the house

"Burning Down the House" is a great 80's gem that would be criminal to cover if the cover isn't any good. I happen to really like the Tom Jones version of this tune. It sounds cheesy, but there really is something about his voice that is hypnotizing, and a his deep voice is great foil for the light sweetness of Nina Persson.
The Eruption of Mt. Visuvius -1777 Pierre-Jacques Volaire, at North Carolina Museum of Art.
When we lived in NC, we went to the Art Museum often and this was one of my favorite pieces.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Burning Down the House" - Talking Heads

HIGHLIGHTED COVER: "Burning Down the House" - Tom Jones & The Cardigans


"Burning Down the House" - The Used (apparently in the Transformers soundtrack)

And while I was watching the video for Tom Jones and The Cardigans I found this cute little cover by Boise Rock School's Lounge Lizards. Boise Rock School is a great program, my friends have kids that that go there, and as you can see those young kids learn to rock hard. So here is some press for the fabulous Boise Rock School and their little rockers.

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