Thursday, September 16, 2010

love will tear us apart

The other day, I mentioned my equal love of New Order and Joy Division. Then, I chose to highlight New Order, today I choose Joy Division.

The loss of Ian Curtis to the music world is enormous. For their genre it is the same as the loss of Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, Michael Hutchence, Sid Vicious, Janice Joplin (sadly the list goes on). However, when that much sadness creates such beauty, either the beauty or the sadness will have to come to an end; it cannot go on indefinitely.

I was originally going to highlight the cover by The Cure, but then I found this Honeyroot cover. It had me on the verge of tears. Although The Cure, and of course New Order, both do great musical tributes to the song, Honeyroot really captures the feeling behind it. I listened to it about 10 times in a row, it was so moving.

COVER SONG OF THE DAY: "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division

HIGHLIGHTED COVER: "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Honeyroot


"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - The Cure

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - New Order

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Worm is Green (can't resist an Icelandic band!)

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - U2 & Arcade Fire

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Nouvelle Vague

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