Monday, September 6, 2010

sweet jane

Sorry to have missed a day yesterday, but we had to take Yaz to the ER. We thought he had appendicitis. Luckily it turned out he had a virus and was just dehydrated by the bug. With the help of an IV (after 4 other holes were first made) he is back to his normal wild self.

I promised to find the great cover song I really wanted to share, but alas I cannot find it anywhere but on an old mix tape. So I have given up. Rather than disappoint you I will avoid telling you anymore about it and focus on the other covers I like.

The Velvet Underground is one of my favorites. Mr. IMo? however is more in line with Art Brut's opinions in their tune "Bang Bang Rock'n'roll" : "I can't stand the sound of the Velvet Underground". Whether or not you like their "sound", they wrote some terrific songs.

Last summer I got to see Lou Reed play at Lollapalooza, which is about the closest you can get to seeing The Velvet Underground. Although he is kind of a cranky old man these days, and some of his solos were absurdly long, when he stuck to the less free-form, more structured songs from The Velvet Underground it was amazing.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Sweet Jane" - Vevet Underground

HIGHLIGHTED COVER: "Sweet Jane" - Cowboy Junkies


"Sweet Jane" - Gang of Four

"Sweet Jane" - Mazzy Star [no link but on]

"Sweet Jane" - Ian McCulloch

"Sweet Jane" - Phish

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