Wednesday, September 1, 2010

reuse, repeat, remake - September is the month of the Cover Song

I have been thinking about doing a month of covers since before I had a blog and was only sending out my song of the day to the facebook world.

I am jittery with anticipation and excitement. Not since last spring when I was doing my April Women's music month,which I promise to revisit this April in the blogosphere, have I been this stoked about posting.

I had a perfect beginning to this blog, but I am having a hard time tracking down an original source for the cover and it requires a bit more research. However, it will be posted with great fanfare later.

Instead I have decided to begin with a well-known classic that takes on a whole new meaning when covered.

Nancy Sinatra and her go-go boots made this song famous in 1961. My most vivid memory of this song occurred in a little diner in Seattle with one of my best friends from high school,  J (your average punk in mohawk, leather jacket and knee-high Doc Martens) and another girl (tall, rail-thin with long blonde hair). There was a jukebox in the diner and we put in quarter after quarter playing and re-playing Nancy Sinatra's version of this song and dancing our bouncing souls off.

That memory is a perfect segue into the cover song that I want to highlight, done by the psychobilly band The Meteors. I was able to find THIS video on youtube. This song is most excellent.

SONG OF THE DAY: "These Boots Are made for Walkin' " - Nancy Sinatra 

HIGHLIGHTED COVER: "These Boots Are made for Walkin' " - The Meteors


"One of These Days" - Operation Ivy 

"These Boots Are made for Walkin' " - The Fixx

"These Boots Are made for Walkin' "- Siouxsie Sioux
"These Boots Are made for Walkin' "-KMFDM

And yes, even this....
"These Boots Are made for Walkin' " -Megadeath

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