Thursday, March 17, 2011

lindsey pool

It is time I remedy my ways. I have been terribly negligent. Although I've been at this blogging thing since this summer and have not yet posted Lindsey Pool. I haven't even listed them on my sidebar as I band I have seen. Shame, shame on me. Sometimes its hardest to see (and promote) the things right in front of you.

The bassist of Lindsey Pool is our cousin Luke, (in the Illinois tee) and I have been a big fat loser to not yet post his band. I have thought about doing it a lot before, but never have. I sure hope he forgives me and lets me sit next to him at Thanksgiving dinner this year. These boys of Lindsey Pool have been together for a long time, hail from the Portland Oregon area, just keep getting better and they have just put out their 5th album to prove it. They have mostly remained local and independent, but with the help of the internet (and you) hopefully we can widen their scope. You can download their stuff for free from here on their website but it would be great to support the boys and buy their tunes.

"Keep This Alive" - Lindsey Pool

Also I like this one since Luke does a harmonica solo. They also do a great Muse cover ...
"Time is Running Out" see below.

"Coulda Been" - Lindsey Pool

"Time is Running Out" - Lindsey Pool

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