Wednesday, July 21, 2010

back and forth

Going out of order gives me too much time to start second guessing myself. I was all ready to tout the virtues of the Eyeliners, when I got an email this morning from my D.C. friend about a new song by Example. See my conundrum? New vs. old.

I had to listen to them back to back like 5 times before I could decide. After much deliberation I decided to stick with Eyeliners as Song of the Day, but I will let you in on the new guy, Example. The song my friend AE/D.C. sent me is "Girl can't dance" by Example. It has a great industrial dance beat and amusing lyrics but in the end when I checked out his other songs they weren't really the same sound, so I am reluctant to give my full recommendation.

The Eyeliners on the other hand are one of those "riot grrl" bands of the mid-90's that just plain rock. However, steer clear of their version of When in Rome's "The Promise", NOT a tribute.

Today's songs of the day are brought to you...
by the letter "E": "you're all wrong" - the eyeliners
and the number "21": "twenty one" - the cranberries

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