Friday, July 23, 2010

feelin' hot hot hot

Well, it's another gnarly day here in the Mid-west where you want nestle down into a limestone cave and wait out the summer at a constant 67 degrees. We don't have many of those around here so we are doing our best in our cave-like house with blinds closed and the A/C set. My California instincts (multiple times a day) draw me out into the deceptive sun, in the vain hope that things have changed, only to again find myself cursing the blasted humidity. Really, it is unnatural that my sunglasses should fog up when I walk outside, and the car shouldn't be covered in "dew" inside the garage mid-day. I miss Spain. It may be 113*F in the summer in Madrid, but it is a dry heat, and there is an ice cream vendor on every corner.

I walk outside each time with this little ditty in mind, knowing that insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over with the hopes of a different outcome, but still I am lured out to the mid-day brightness, over and over and over....


Today's songs of the day are brought to you...

by the letter "H" : " over and over" - Hot Chip
and the number "19": "not nineteen forever" - the Courteeners

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