Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaking News about a free show

ERIC - lead vocals and acrobatics

I just got notice that Foxy Shazam (currently my favorite live band) will be performing for free at 3:30 tomorrow at my second favorite record store( The are opening for Hole tomorrow night at The Pageant ( but I have been dragging my feet buying tickets since I don't really like MS. Love so much.

Looks like we have a late afternoon field trip to the Record Store.

If you are ever in St. Louis I highly recommend heading out to the Delmar Loop to check out the St. Louis Walk of Fame on this street ( to see the hometown stars of music, arts and entertainment. Some of my favorites are Jospehine Baker, William Burroughs, Kate Chopin, Miles Davis, Betty Grable, Scott Joplin.

So," we're gonna go to the record store...we're gonna give 'em all our money..."
and despite having three kids with me we are headed to the show.

In the we words of Foxy Shazam "We are UNSTOPPABLE!"


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