Thursday, July 15, 2010

i believe in summertime

I believe in summertime. I believe it is the time for kids to never wear shoes, toe-heads to get tans, and the water fights to be never ending. Little thighs should be burning for all the bike riding and knees should be scabby and scrawny arms covered in bandages from climbing trees. Being a California girl, summer really could last almost all year as a kid if it weren't for school getting in the way. I loved summertime. I still live for summertime. But the mid-west has a funny way of throwing what literally feels like a wet towel on summertime. We have a neighborhood playground that looks more like a ghost town. Between the humidity, the bugs and the storms no one wants to go outside. Because it's TOO DARN HOT!!

Here is a little something to help blow off steam if where you are is too hot too. An Erasure rarity that comes from a collection of Cole Porter song covers on the album Red Hot + Blue, an AIDS benefit compilation which is one of my favorite cover albums. Too Darn Hot was originally written for Kiss Me, Kate (a remake of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew). There are layers of reasons to love this song.

Song of the day: "Too Darn Hot" - Erasure (cover)


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