Friday, July 30, 2010

litmus test

One of the reasons I like The Plimsouls has to do with their diversity. "Hey ! Hey! Hey!" is totally rockabilly like The Stray Cats, "Oldest Story in the World" sounds like The Church, " Hush Hush" sounds like The Replacements. They are kind of like a cover band that does their own songs. Most people probably know them for their song "A Million Miles Away", which doesn't really sound like anything else they did either.

On the other hand, Operation Ivy has a very distinctive style. Back when Operation Ivy and Green Day were both young they were a litmus test for taste between my friends and I. Like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, every one has their preference. I did like the early Green Day for their garage band, raw sound, but I always preferred Operation Ivy's ska influence and sardonic lyrics. With most bands I have a favorite song or two, but I have a hard time chosing a favorite with Operation Ivy, which makes today's song choice random rather than deliberate. I had to just close my eyes and point at random to pick.

Today's songs of the day are brought to you ...
by the letter "O" : "sound system" - Operation Ivy
and the number "12": "twelve" - The Plimsouls

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