Tuesday, July 27, 2010

why i should go clubbing

If ever there were a case for me to go clubbing again, it would be Ladytron.

Honestly, I am lucky enough to get to watch an occasional episode of Burn Notice with Mr. IMo? or one of the dozen classic movies I have DVR'd (I am trying to watch the classic King Kong next), not to mention the finagling I have to do to get out to see a live show. But when I discover great artists like Ladytron I wish I tried harder. I feel like I would discover them sooner.

What I love about Ladytron is how clean their music is. There are layers upon layers of sound, but it never comes off messy, giving each instrument and vocal equal clarity, but without losing their depth or technicality. Helena Marnie also has a great everygirl voice; it's lovely and hypnotic but her range allows everyone to sing along with ease. Their artistry continues through their videos, from the complex to the simple, they never disappoint.


I've attached a link...

Today's songs of the day are brought to you...
by the letter L: "destroy everything you touch" - Ladytron
and the number 15: "15 men" - the Aquanettas

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