Sunday, August 15, 2010

7 and a half cents

Now that the countdown is over, I can finally get settled in, and use my Sunday posting as I planned: classical music, jazz, musicals and all the other stuff I don't listen to all the rest of the time.

Today we start with one of the most infectious soundtracks I have ever heard, The Pajama Game. If you are scared of earworms, beware because these songs are as catchy as a virus. Doris Day was a favorite in my house growing up, and I have seen Pillow Talk more times than than I can count. But, the film version of The Pajama Game with Doris Day has been my Katydid's favorite for years, and she has been watching it since 6:30 this morning. The songs are catchy and the tunes stick with you even when you don't yet know all the words.

The "7 and a half cents" bit is an interesting song for a few reasons. Mr. IMo? has used it as an example countless times for everything from explaining compound interest to the influence of labor unions. Almost every time I think about saving money this song pops into my head. I know it is supposed to be encouraging, but to me it seems so pitiful to work hard, risk losing your job over a labor dispute and and only get a measly vacuum cleaner and television out of the deal, although I could live with the prices.

If you haven't seen The Pajama Game, it is cheesy to be sure, and is rather propagandist. In case you are queasy around unions, 1950's TV wholesomeness and kitsch this may not be the movie for you. However if you are looking to spend a lazy Sunday folding laundry watching a movie, it's worth checking out.

SONG OF THE DAY: "7 and a half cents" - The Pajama Game (Soundtrack)

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