Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the big pink

I just discovered The Big Pink yesterday while looking for a few new things to explore and share, and although I love Jools Holland as a source, I somehow missed them before now on his show. I saw a few comments that they are opening for Muse, which will help sway a few more fans their way. I think they are one of my new favorites and a new inspiration for great girl drummers.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Dominos"- The Big Pink

"Velvet" is also stellar with a different sound.

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  1. Jenean,
    Hopefully this comment doesn't appear twice, since I just tried unsuccessfully to leave it a minute ago. I have been listening to this band on their website off and on all night, I really like their sound.
    Also, I love your blog and I have finally subscribed to it so that it can happily greet me on my homepage, instead of randomly seeing links to it on F.B. I am sad it took me so long to accomplish that 2 minute process.
    And, I thought it was cute that we both blog/love music and we injure ourselves riding our bikes. Are you a roadie or a mtn biker?
    And I wanted to thank you for your comment a bit back on starting a blog to have someone to talk music with, that was much appreciated.