Thursday, August 5, 2010

pop goes the world

Confession: I am not up on my synth-pop. For all my Erasure/ Pet Shop Boys/ Kylie Minogue inspired music I get all my info from my friend A.E./ D.C. If I ever have need of a pop-culture life-line, he's my guy. But I actually am pretty proud of myself that I found today's U band all on my own a while ago.

I have to say, Universal Poplab is one of my favorite Swedish pop bands (next to Lo-Fi-Fnk) since ABBA (if you are an ABBA fan check out their song "Another Last Time").
I also like their song "Fame & Hate", which sounds very A-ha inspired but is performed more like Depeche Mode.

That was a lot of Synth-pop for references for one day, and it has left my brain thumping with a digital beat. Sonic Youth will be covered in another lesson. Class Dismissed.


Songs of the day are brought to you...

by the letter U:"Bedhead" - Universal Poplab
and the number 6: "Six" -Sonic Youth

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