Friday, August 27, 2010

shudder to think

Dischord Records was set up by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi & Minor Threat, as a DIY label that did not pander to the corporate machine of the recording industry and has been an inspiration for generations now of punk kids doing their own independent albums and labels. There is so much to say about Ian MacKaye, Minor Threat and Fugazi, that I will save it for another day, since he's not really my focus.

However, it leads me to one of the bands on his Discord label, Shudder to Think. I have a lot of deeply personal memories attached to this band, both good and bad, so I never know how I am going to feel when I pull it off the rack. I have never seen any videos so I thought a good way to create some new memories around the band was to add some new images.

My three favorite things about Shudder to Think are #1: Craig Wedren's voice & #2: the poetic lyrics; not many bands have the imagination and creativity to match & #3: each song has it's own musical influences that complement the unwavering punk foundation.

Other songs to check out: "Funeral at the Movies", "Abysmal Yellow Popcorn Wall", "Animal Wild", "Day Ditty", "Chocolate".

Shudder to Think is one of only two bands ever to leave Dischord for a major label, but I don't think it ended up helping them out any because they never got any bigger and broke up anyhow. Let that be a lesson.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Red House" - Shudder to Think

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