Saturday, August 14, 2010

my own international man of mystery

MAD magazine SPY s. SPY
My husband: he is closer in looks to the blonde Bond than my favorite incarnation, Sean Connery, and actually he isn't a spy either because that would just be too cool, but he is my own Mr. IMo? trotting the globe doing boring power point presentations in exotic locales. We just play it up to pretend it's glamorous. This week he got to play his favorite game: where in the world is Mr. IMo?. This weekend the game was: if it's Saturday it must be Chicago, Sunday must be Texas, Monday it must be Tegucigalpa (that's in Honduras). After a week hanging out in the Central American capital, speaking funky Honduran Spanish and eating at the local Popeye's Chicken across from his hotel, he comes home tonight. I'll be asleep but I'll leave the theme music on.

Brian Setzer has been making music fun ever since he and his Stray Cats strutted. I recently picked up Built for Speed on vinyl for the kids.

In my next life I want to be a full-time rockabilly girl. I love the vintage pin-up look, I love the sound, I love to swing dance and I adore the boys with their pompadours, jeans and white t-shirts that James Dean and Marlon Brando took to the screen.

I really fell in love with the Stray Cats in probably the most humiliating way possible, a 1987 Disney special. It's an old fashioned mash-up of a 50's cartoon and the Stray Cats' "Rock this Town" that we taped on our VCR and watched over and over. I haven't seen it in ages, but thanks to the miracle of youtube, someone else thought it worthy of your time and posted it here(start at 2:05). They also have a funny versions of Toni Basil's "Oh Mickey", Madonna's "Dress You up", and The Countours "Do You Love me". My other favorite is the mashup of the Fantasia cartoon & the Eurythmics song "Must be an angel". Yes it's campy, but the Eurthymics original video is actually the inferior version of the two.

And now in my own evil, mind-controlling way I am playing that Stray Cats album Saturday mornings after breakfast during our wake-up dance parties and introducing my kids to the fun of rockabilly, and the cool cat, Brian Setzer.


SONG OF THE DAY: "James Bond Theme (Spies in the Night)" - Brian Setzer Orchestra

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