Sunday, August 8, 2010


I don't know how people who drink their way through Lollapalooza do it, but the hangover can't be good. We drove up in the morning, rocked all day and into the night, then drove straight back, and I am beat. I am running on 2 hours sleep and keep nodding off every time I sit down. I have to stay awake with the kids for 2 more hours so I figured I'd better do something productive so I don't fall asleep and they catch the house on fire.

I will catch you up on the Lolla shows over the next week, but today's song of the day is brought to you by a little band I was in the front row for last year at Lolla, Jane's Addiction. Ok, maybe they aren't little, they are in fact Mr. IMo?'s all time favorite, and we got into a lot of shouting matches and threw a few well placed elbows last year holding onto that front row spot and it was totally worth it. Lollapalooza is in fact Perry Farrell's brain child, both in the older and new incarnations, and he has earned a place in rock heaven for all of his contributions to music, from his own band to Lolla and his ability to resurrect bands like the Pixies and Rage Against the Machine from the dead for one good show. I was on the Dave Navarro side of the stage about 8 feet away from the stage. His physique will grace this blog some other day.

Today's other song comes from the girls of X-ray Spex. When I was in Oxford, England this past spring I was picking up some vinyl at a street fair and got to hold their full length LP on white pressed vinyl. It was 25£, which was the cost of everything I had in my hands already plus my train fare. I had to leave it behind, and still have non-buyers remorse (which in my opinion is one of the greatest curses of traveling). X-ray Spex are some of the hardest rocking girls in my opinion. Not only does Poly Styrene have one of the coolest stage names in all of rock, but those girls didn't stand for the male-driven world of punk rock and carved out a spot for the other half in the world of teenage anger and angst.


Today's songs of the day are brought to you...
by the letter X: "Germ free Adolescents" - X-ray Spex
and the number 3: "three days" - Jane's Addiction

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