Sunday, August 1, 2010

i bet you thought i was going to be stumped

For the letter "Q" there will be no Queen, or Queensryche or Queens of the Stone Age, and though I was tempted to throw in "The Kids are all Right" by the Queers, that still felt like cheating. Instead of the old stand-bys I want you to meet : Quarashi.

I have already mentioned my love of Icelandic music, and Quarashi is a great way to expand the Beastie Boys inspired genre on your MP3 player. One of my favorite things about Quarashi is that they remind me of a soundtrack for a modern spy movie; very urban, very universal with a strong beat that keeps the movement filled with tension and suspense. That, and they're Icelandic, which practically is interchangeable with effortless cool. And if none of that is enough for you, their name means "Supernatural". How cool is that?
I am too short on time today to adequately explore our other band today, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so I am going to have to bump them down the road to a later post, because the glorious Karen O deserves more attention than I can give today.

Today's songs of the day are brought to you...
by the letter Q: "Stick 'em Up [clean version}" - Quarashi
and the number 10: "10 X 10 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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  1. i love this band! i am so glad you found them... i can only listen to beastie boys so long. so glad i have something new to listen to.