Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Lawrence Alma-Tadema

I am not feeling up to sitting at the computer for more than 5 minutes today. It has been 80 degrees and humid in my house since yesterday morning, and while that is a perfect temp for the outside it is stifling indoors, and we are all feeling lethargic.

Mr. IMo? is digging Shy Child right now. It's just two guys with a drum kit and a keytar, oh yeah baby, a keytar. We first saw them play on Jools Holland, and he can't get enough.

The Runaways have gotten a lot of deserved attention lately since the movie about them came out, which makes it easier to reference them as a great foundational girl rock band. We'll chat more about them some other time.


Today's songs of the day are brought to you...

by the letter S: "Drop the Phone" - Shy Child
and the number 8: "Eight Days a Week" - The Runaways

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