Monday, August 2, 2010

single digits

For those of you who love your musicians to be real musicians Rasputina is the band for you. Rasputina is based on electric cellists who rock more than you might expect. I would rank them most closely with the White Stripes for their ability to make the most noise with minimal instrumentation and man-power. As a unit, they have gone though a lot of permutations as musicians have rotated through, which lead to a constant mutation and growth of sound. The idea of cellos may drag up images of dull chamber musicians, but even without the benefit of their elaborate costuming that they employ at concerts, you will have a hard time reconciling that image with the music once you hear it.

I am really excited about their new album Sister Kinderhook. I was just accepted on as a music reviewer for a St. Louis area online magazine and I think that this will be my first review. Because I am not a local and don't know all of the venues around here I have been missing some incredible shows (like this one 2 weeks ago, and Silversun Pickups last week), but hopefully this new job will give me more access to information and shows.

[ps. boise friends...Rasputina is playing in August]


Today's songs of the day are brought to you...
by the letter R: "Barracuda" - Rasputina (linked)
and the number 9: "Plan 9 [choki galaxy mix] - 808 State

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