Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st Annual Digestible Trax Playlist contest & Giveaway

Last year on my facebook page I ran a playlist contest. It was an incredible way to pool the music collections of my friends who live all over the world. So, I am running it again.


Guidelines: in the Comments section of any post, leave me a good old fashioned mix-tape list with up to 15 songs. I will look up the songs and artists, but if they are really new, regional or super-obscure a link would help. Don't forget to add your email address so that I can notify the winner. The purpose is to expand everyone's musical horizons. The comments with your info will remain hidden I will post all of the playlists at the end.

The winner will be chosen based on my fickle tastes and since the playlist will be listened to as a mix-tape the flow is also important. If there is a tie, Mr. IMo? will be brought in as a consultant/ tie-breaker.

A $25 gift card to Napster, Amazon or iTunes (your choice) for the winner and $10 to anyone who can guess one of my top 5 favorite songs and throw it into the playlist.
Deadline for entry: 31 January 2011
Winner will be announced: 15 February 2011
(i'll need some time to listen to everything that shows up last minute)

Good luck and happy listening!


1 comment:

  1. mixed tape entry by JenXmusic :)
    Your brains vs. my tractorbeam- Say Hi
    Andromeda's Eyes- Bryan Scary and the shredding tears
    Feeling Good- Muse
    So here we are- Bloc Party
    What difference does it make? Smiths
    Snuff on Digital- Blaqk Audio
    Halo- Bloc Party
    See Alice-The Mummers
    Glorious- Muse
    The Power and the Glory- White Lies
    Wildcat- Ratatat
    The stars just blink for us- Say Hi
    Lately- the Mummers
    Little Red and Wolfie B- Seve vs Evan
    Bad Love- White Lies