Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tapes for tuesday: a series part 2

Cheating already, yes, since I eventually bought this on CD, but one of my oldest taped copies is from shortly after moving to the City of Trees. There was this amazing band called Treepeople. Eventually they broke up and the lead singer/guitarist Doug went on to form a new band you may have heard of called Built to Spill. But for my high school years, Treepeople was a staple. I even bought the t-shirt at one point and had it for years and years, until Mr. IMo? finally wore it out.

I found this amazing old video on youtube from that once upon a moment in time when I first met doug, his music and the whole Boise scene. I wasn't at this show but I love seeing how we rocked it back in the day. Because the quality is so good I am throwing out a handful of the videos from 1990. Thanks to the filmmaker Mark who posted these!

ps. one of my favorite things about doug is how he always comes to play his shows looking like he just mowed the lawn. he is all about the music.

TAPE OF THE DAY: (most of Treepeople's stuff is now on iTunes)
Time Whore -Treepeople
Party, In My Head, Fishbasket


  1. i know, right? now if only i can find some decent dirt fishermen, caustic resin or graveltruck. i'll keep digging.