Monday, January 31, 2011

tapes for tuesday: a series part 5

tapes for tuesday: a series part 5


There is a very good reason I have this Erasure album on tape and never replaced it with a CD. It's not very memorable. "Blue Savannah" is just run of the mill Erasure, "You Surround Me" is too, and except for "Star" everything else is rather sub-par Erasure, and pretty much a disappointment. "Crown of Thorns" and " La Gloria" seem to have landed on the wrong album by the wrong band entirely; not bad, just misplaced. I know the album is called Wild! but it seems to have developed a personality disorder.

"Star" doesn't get much respect as a "best of" entry but it is the best of this album. Musically it is quite varied, and has very visually interesting lyrics. The first few verses are my favorite:
We go waiting for the stars
To come showering down
From Moscow to Mars
Universe falling down

You got to look real hard
There's a fiery star
Hidden out there somewhere
Not the satellite of love
But a laser
Shooting out it's shiny tongue there

SONG OF THE DAY: "Star" - Erasure

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