Saturday, January 29, 2011

i will never miss a concert again...

I will never miss a concert again.

Well, if I do it will be due to scheduling conflicts not due to lack of knowledge, which is the worst way to miss a concert.

Somebody finally came up with a brilliant way to track all the concerts in your area, even the opening bands are listed. I just spent an hour plugging in all the shows I want to see, and found out that my area has at least a 3 hour drive radius. I also found that a new-to-me band that was submitted to the playlist contest is playing as an opening band in two weeks at a venue I have never been to before. Smart.

And it will also keep me updated on the Lollapalooza playing Chile this April. Which is convenient because I may have a better shot at being in South America this spring than in Chicago this summer. I am in love.

So, here it is, the unveiling of the new secret to my concert going success :

Happy concert going!

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