Saturday, January 22, 2011

grosse point blank soundtrack

Mr. IMo? started his latest whirlwind of comings and goings this weekend, so I decided to have myself a date with John Cusack instead while on my treadmill and watch back to back High Fidelity & Grosse Point Blank.

Both have a music angle to them. In High Fidelity (which co-stars Jack Black in his first major role, but he's still always Tenacious D to me) he plays a record store owner, and in Grosse Point Blank, Minnie Driver is a local DJ.

Now it may be my new TV but this time I was really impressed with the soundtrack on Grosse Point Blank. I mean, I've always known it's good, but man, wow! So, I pulled up the soundtrack, and it's a two volume set.

Volume 1:

"Armagideon Time" - The Clash

Volume 2:

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